1. Makeup Bag/ Clutch for Sarah

Today is my lovely friend Sarah’s birthday.

I have always thought that birthdays so close to Christmas are deeply unfair. Mine is in early Feb and even this seems too close. People are penniless and partied-out from Christmas; the weather is terrible etc etc. My brother is an August baby and I was always deeply jealous of his sunny park-based parties.

HOWEVER , this year Sarah’s early birthday means she has the honour of being my first project recipient – a snazzy little leatherette makeup/clutch bag.

The pattern is a combination of two projects I saw on Make it and Love it (the blog of a hugely creative lady over the pond). You can see her original how-to’s here and here.

I got the fabric for a snip at Bovoriks Fabrics on Berwick Street. Their shop is a lot less beautiful than the chichi Cloth House opposite and up the road, but the proprietors have a certain Del Boy charm of their own and, let’s face it, they’re a darn site cheaper!

I chose yellow leatherette for the outside and a deep satiny blue for the lining.

I finished it off with a blue zipper and one of the labels I ordered yonks ago, for a craft project long-forgotten (see original post on what a terrible crafter I am/was).

The whole thing, start-finish took only an evening and I’m rather pleased with the result. The bow and contrast lining make it such a happy little bag. I’ve got enough left over to make another too, so maybe I’ll do one for me!

I popped a box of pink truffles inside and wrapped it up and it went down very well. Some of the other girls even put in orders for similar ones. Hurray!!


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