3. Housewarming cushions for dad

March has been a manic month. I got a job! A really exciting one… which involves upping sticks and moving to Switzerland… on Friday – EEK!

March has also been a highly productive month craftwise.

Technically my first project of the month was another little clutch for my friend Bryony… However I entirely forgot to photograph it, so I’m skipping on. She’s promised to send me a couple of shots of it in action when she gets the chance so maybe I’ll do a retrospective post.

Next up were some housewarming/birthday cushions for my dad. He and my stepmum bought a lovely house-to-be (off plan) in an eco-development next to a gorgeous Shropshire village. Sadly with the recession etc there were all kinds of holdups BUT I am delighted to say that they are finally moving in this week. My stepmum sneaked me a couple of samples of the colours they’re going for in the living room and I bought some fabric to match from RAY-STITCH, an exciting newly-discovered fabric shop/cafe of joy in Islington.

The pattern I chose is a super-simple-but-effective one my grandma showed me. You basically cut squares, fold them, iron them and stitch them in to place at the points….

It looks really complex but isn’t – GENIUS!

I was really happy with how they turned out, and dad was suitably impressed too 🙂

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