4. Mothers’ day ipad case

For mothering Sunday I made mum an ipad case. She’d been eyeing up the one I made for my stepdad for Christmas so I thought it was about time she got her own, especially since she’s about to start a brilliant new job!!

Mum is super-stylish (in an awesome, unique, colourful way) and I saw some really lovely blue tweed which I thought would be perfect.

The case itself was simple. I used my flatmate’s ipad to measure out the tweed and lining. Then I strengthened the tweed by quilting it on to some interfacing (using the yellow lines woven in to the tweed). I also appliqued a cheeky apple logo on the front with some brown leatherette, and used an extra strip to make a popper fastening.

4. Mothers' day ipad case   4. Mothers' day ipad case

Then with the tweed and lining I made two pockets. Finally with one inside the other and right sides together I stitched along the top edge, leaving enough space to turn them inside out… I didn’t take photos of the stages this time (apologies!!) but my inspiration came from Moda Bakeshop‘s brilliant post.

Et voila – a snazzy ipad cover for the world’s best mum xxx

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