5. Farewell jams

A major downside of the awesome new job (mentioned in an earlier post) was having to leave a voluntary position with the British Red Cross. A more wonderful, hard-working and hilarious team you cannot imagine, so I wanted to make something special for them to say thank you.

A mid-March weekend provided the opportunity. I went to visit my dad (to present cushions) and made a whole batch of blackcurrant jam with my stepmum, using blackcurrants they picked last autumn. I’ve never made jam before but it was actually a lot more straightforward than I’d thought!! Blackcurrants have enough acid in them so you don’t need pectin, which makes it basically about boiling the fruit, adding the sugar and then waiting and testing until it reached the right consistency. THIS BIT TOOK AGES – but was fun nonetheless as we got to eat the testings on bread.

Once it was ready we transferred the jam into sterilised jars (recycled – hence the mismatched shapes!) and my stepmum wrote the labels (she has nicer writing). I cut circles from the leftover cushion fabric with pinking shears and secured with an elastic band. Finally I tied my thankyou messages on with ribbon to finish them off.

Thankyou team – enjoy the jam!! xx

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