6. April round-up

Yes yes, I’m late, I know. Apologies! In my defence I did start a new job, in a new country.


Farewell London!


Hello Switzerland!

Moreover I did manage to squeeze in doing a couple of crafty projects (even if I didn’t post them), so I’m still counting myself as resolution-compliant! Here’s a little roundup…

a) Birthday flower broaches for Vinnie and Aunty Rowena
I love love LOVE how these turned out, and they’re pretty straightforward to make. You start by cutting out as many fabric circles as you want petals on your flower . I drew round an old (and very dusty) CD for this part.

Then you take one of the circles, fold it in half and sew around the curved edge with nice big stitches. Once you reach the other corner, pull the thread so that the fabric curls up in to a nice petal shape.

Aces! Then with the same piece of thread you do the same thing with the next circle, and the next and the next…

When you’ve added all your petals and pulled them all up it will look like this…

You then make a front and back. For my flowers I cut two small circles out of white leatherette. I decorated one circle with a random assortment of beads and pearls and sewed a broach pin fastening on to the other. I sewed the pretty circle to one side of the petals, stuffed some scrap fabric behind it to make the it more poofy, then sewed the broach back to the other side
And voila – flower broach! So summer-y and guaranteed to make people smile – love!

b) iPad case for Robbi
I’ve done a few of these now so I won’t bore you with too much detail. The most exciting thing about this project (from my perspective anyway) was that I got to try out a rotary cutter and board for the first time. I’d seen these used lots on crafty blogs and youtube videos etc – far easier and more accurate if you’re cutting lots of straight lines. Then in March I went to a Hobbycraft fair with my mum and granny (it is every bit the craft-nerd convention it sounds – AMAZING) and finally got a chance to buy a set.

Here they are in all their glory (and yes, someone just got an iPhone and discovered Instagram)…

I didn’t do a step-by-step for this one but fabulous instructions can be found on Moda Bakeshop. I did the diagonal stripe pattern with blue tartan and pale yellow leatherette. My one tip would be don’t go mad on the stuffing, it becomes EXTREMELY hard to turn inside out, make the corners square, add binding around the top etc.

c) Curtains – phase 1

And finally a very boring but oh-so-necessary project: replacing the godawful, half-length, grey granny net curtains in the new flat with nice plain voiles. Although I did these in April, I’m saving the ‘after’ photos for when I’ve done something with the outer curtains too. But here are the ‘before’s…

Pretty grim eh??!

So that was April. Hope to post curtains and other things before too long… and definitely before the end of May!


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