7. Leafy curtain Ikeahack

This one starts with a bit of a disaster!

I wanted green curtains, to tie in with a few other bits in the living room, and I had a vague idea about doing a pattern on top with bits of fabric I’d collected. The first step in this plan was to die our scraggy old cream curtains green. However it turns out that Switzerland only does one brand of dye… and they only do one shade of green… and that shade, far from being a luscious leafy colour, came out a yucky pastel mint colour. SO it was back to the drawing board.

Fastforward a week or two and we were wandering around Ikea looking at things for our ‘garden’ (world’s tiniest concrete balcony) and I saw some rather nice bird&leaf pattern curtains. The only issue was the colour, or lack there of…


So I decided to jazz them up by adjusting my original plan.

I made a leaf template and cut out lots of leaves in my various fabrics.

Then I hung the curtains and pinned the leaves at random. I cajouled M in to helping with this part 🙂

Next I experimented with different stitches to attach the leaves and settled on a vein pattern in a contrast thread, Since I’d cut them with pinking shears I decided not to also stitch round the edge. The leaves will fray a bit eventually but I quite like that.

Stitching them on took BLIMMIN’ AGES (many thanks to M for patience and tea through the process) but I am chuffed to bits with the result…

These curtains actually make me smile every morning. I love the little splashes of colour and the slightly hand-drawn quality of the stitching. There’s still plenty of fabric left too, so cushions (and possibly bunting, shhh don’t tell M) will follow shortly – happy days.

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