8. Cushions

When choosing things for the new apartment in Geneva, top of my list was a comfy sofabed. Moving away from friends and family is sad and scary, even when the tradeoff is a fab job and living with wonderman. As such, having a place to host was hugely important and we managed to find a lovely, comfy, just-squeezes-in L shaped sofabed, which has had glowing reviews from the friends and family who have slept on it.
All of which is the lead-in to admit it has sat there, sad and forlorn and cushion-less for far too long, and this weekend I decided enough was enough. The first cushion project was something I’d had in mind for a while – the recycling of an old woollen skirt. Bought on a whim and never really fitting properly, it was far too beautiful to throw away. Lovely thick cream wool with a pretty patterned lining.
For this one I simply turned the skirt inside out, snipped out the lining, measured the size of the cushion inner and sewed round three sides, then turned the top edge down and sewed round that before turning it right side out. The result was a bit bulky but I was terrified that if I started cutting it, it would all unravel and I’d be devastated! To decorate I used some of the lining to make ties for the top and a bow for the front. I hand-stitched the bow all the way around once the cushion inner was in to make sure it sat right. Et voila!
For the second cushion I made a simple envelope cover out of cream fabric (tutorials are literally EVERYWHERE – including Channel 4) and decorated it with an appliquéd owl, which I LOVE. It was fairly straightforward too. You just sketch a simple shape, cut out the pieces and then attach them one-by-one, going round the edge of each piece with a small zig-zag stitch. I’ve since read that the pros use iron-on webbing stuff first to stick each piece down, but I didn’t have any of that and it worked just fine anyway.

Photos are taken on balcony but cushions look just as happy on the sofa 🙂

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