9. Shopping bag for Bernadette

July! Where did you go eh? Well, in fairness, July has been pretty good to us here in Geneva. Lots of nice weather (sorry Britain), and lake-based activities – swimming in, picnicking by, lounging around etc etc. Since everything is lovely and new, I thought I’d start sharing a non-challenge related photo or two, too. Like this – the lake

Or this – our ridiculously quaint, stereotype-fulfilling Sunday market breadstall – YUM
Anyhoo, back to the main feature. This was my first project from “The Liberty Book of Home Sewing”, which my granny got me for Christmas. It’s a beautiful book and, more importantly, is full of projects that make you think – hey, EVEN I could do that.
Naturally if you go to liberty and buy the fabric required you’ll spend far more than you ever would on buying the products… but you can substitute, like I did. This rather fabulous green paisley stuff came direct from India (thanks mum). It’s some kind of poly-something so I imagine would be sweaty to wear but I love the pattern and it seemed fairly strong so I thought it would be ideal for this project.
The project itself was a shopping bag. My dear friend Berna is a teacher/mum/friend/cakebaker extrordinaire and I thought it might come in handy as it packs down to pop in a handbag. The pattern is straightforward – you essentially cut out two vest-shapes and two top-half-only vest shapes (i.e. the handly bit), which reinforce the handles. Then sew it all together inside out, flip it round and voila… It took a bit longer than this because the poly-whatever fabric was slippy and kept running away from me and the scissors, but we came to an understanding in the end
I also made the smaller bag suggested in the book (to stuff the bigger bag in to)… If I’m entirely honest I had to have 2 goes at making this as the first one was too small (grrr).
Still, you live and learn and it fitted so snuggly in the end, I was glad I stuck with it. I keep meaning to write a note in the book – “comes up rather small” – as I imagine all well-used pattern books have notes like that in them.

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