Interlude part 2 – a package for a new friend

As you may remember, back in June I signed up for “The Lovely Package Exchange – summer 2012”, organised by Danni over at oh hello friend. I was a little anxious that I would’t get paired up with anyone as most of the other keen beans who signed up seemed to be from the USA (to limit posting costs there’s a non-international rule) BUT happily a little email popped up in my inbox at the start of the month introducing me to Paulina. Her profile read like this:
Name: Paulina
Location: Poland
5 favorite things: cameras & photos, (art) journals, books, fashion, anything vintage & retro style
5 words to describe you: messy, expressive, colorful, always smiling, wanderlust And about me & my style – I looove Zooey Deschanel, ‘New Girl’ & ‘500 Days of Summer’ <3!
Not long thereafter Paulina got in touch and we exchanges some more information about ourselves. Two things that came over strongly were Paulina’s twin passions for scrapbooking and travel. So I thought I’d make her a pretty patchwork scrapbook she could fill on her year of travels ahead.
Finding a blank notebook to use as the base was a PAIN. I have to admit, having trawled round umpteen stationers/craft shops with no luck I had a fairly childish oh-Switzerland-how-you-frustrate-me-I-could-so-easily-find-this-at-home meltdown and had to be sat down with a pastry and hot beverage until things looked better (thanks M).
Anyhoo I found one in the end. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted as the front cover was floppy and I’d been looking for a hard cardboard cover, but it was what there was so I decided to make do. For the pattern I had a scout round the interweb and found this one at Moda Bakeshop (good site for patterns and tips – highly recommend).
I chose to do my stripes vertically however and (because of the flop cover issue) topstitched right through fabric and cover on the front to give it some extra strength. I added a button on the fron and stitched a length of fabric to the back, which could be wrapped round the button to keep it closed
Next came the packaging (the real point of the exercise). I considered a few options but decided that since this was representing me, and all I do is fabrics, I really should go with fabric. So I found a pretty remnant (I’m building a pleasing collection) and wrapped the gift in it and bound it with raffia. Since a lovely part of the exchange was getting to make a new friend I used a photo as a gift tag and wrote a message on the back.
Excitingly, yesterday I received my very own lovely package from Paulina – it came as an egg-shaped box, decorated with ribbon and a cute little flower clip
And inside were all these gorgeous little packets – a sewing machine charm bracelet, a sweet-smelling soap, a handmade heart and (possibly my favourite) BUTTONS!!
I can’t wait to put them to good use – THANK YOU PAULINA!!

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