10. Daybag for Yvette

I was introduced to Brixton Market the weekend before I left the UK by friend and photographer Katherine Leedale. It is just JAMMED FULL of amazing shops, cafes & delis – a real mixture of old-school market stalls and chic new boutiques. There is colour and detail and creativity everywhere you look. I love it. 
On our last weekend home we managed to squeeze in a visit, so I was able to introduce M to its wonders and explore a bit more. My best discovery of all was African Queen Fabrics, purveyors of gorgeous block wax prints.
It took me forever to choose my favourite print. I shortlisted at least 10, and that was before the brilliant shopkeeper started to bring out his favourite ones. I will definitely be going back. I had a particular project in mind – a handbag/daybag for my wonderful friend Yvette, so in the end I made my choice based on colours that I thought she would like.
This is the bag I made. Simple and square, with a long shoulder strap that can be worn cross-body (I always feel safer that way when exploring new places).



Don’t you love that pattern? I have a dream dress project in my head for the rest of it. To be worked on at some point in the future…
For the zip, I used a technique I came across recently where you first sew tabs across the ends, before setting it in. I really like this method – it’s quick and easy and I think it makes the zip look a lot neater. (FlossieTeacake has a good tutorial if you want to have a go!)



With such an amazing exterior fabric I kept the lining simple for contrast, and added a small pocket for phone/travel pass etc.



And that was it. Sometimes it’s good to stay simple and let the fabric do the talking.

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