11. Autumn Wreath

One thing I really love about Switzerland is that they embrace the seasons, in a way that we don’t in the UK. From the start of September you start to see pumpkins in the supermarket and then BLAM before you know it there are autumn wreaths and seasonal gourds everywhere you look. This year I decided to get on board.
My first step was to make a seasonal wreath for our flat door. We live in the cheap(er) part of town. I like it because (in my opinion) it’s where all the decent bars and restaurants are. The payoff is that our entrance often smells like wee and sometimes homeless people sleep in the cellar… but only in winter, and it gets REALLY COLD here… Anyway, the point is it’s a bit incongruous in our block to spruce up your door, but I sallied forth regardless.
A quick perusal of the internet taught me that the Americans are also ALL OVER this seasonal decoration thing, and there are so many wreaths out there. Here are just a few:

Top row: Cathie FilianDriedFloralShopThe Curious Pug

I decided to stay fairly simple with my wreath:
  • For the base I cut a long strip of pale brown fabric with pinking shears, to add texture and prevent fraying. I then started making a range of flowers and leaves in autumn-y colours. 
  • For the small flowers I used the same pattern as the brooches I made here
  • For the larger flower I ironed fabric on to fusible interfacing to give it more strength. I then cut out a flower shape, cut out a matching backing piece and stitched it all together with a zigzag stitch. To make it 3D, I cut a slit from the edge to the centre and overlapped two of the “petals” then stitched it up.
  • For the leaves I simply cut the shapes from felt and faux leather
  • I then stuck and stitched everything on, added some ribbon and proudly hung it on the door
For my second autumn decoration project, I decided to make the most of all the funny little nobbly gourds that are sold in the supermarket this time of year, and style a basket for the table. To add interest (and mostly just for fun), I decided to spraypaint some of them gold. M was skeptical but gamely agreed to the idea. In fact in the end he got really into it and we spent a fun half hour on our tiny balcony spraying things gold. We chucked the gourds in a basket and threw in a few beeswax candles for good measure.
Happy autumn!

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