Christmas Crafts 2012

I don’t know about you, but for me the run up to Christmas was HECTIC. Work was busy, everyone got ill (including me) and suddenly there was one weekend left before the big day and still lots of presents to buy/make. I have promised M that for his sanity and mine, I will start earlier with Christmas preparations 2013.

Despite the madness however we still found time to decorate the flat, make Christmas biscuits, enjoy the snow and play plenty of Christmas music.

IMG_0737 IMG_0696

Christmas crafts for 2012 included:

1. Christmas cards. These were really simple but effective. I cut and glued strips of felt for the tree and pot, then added a gold star sticker on top. M chipped in and we got quite a production line going. I’ve even got a few left over which I plan to keep and recycle next time, perhaps as gift tags.


2. Festive wreath. Truth be told, I loved my autumn wreath so much that I lingered over taking it down and this one didn’t get made/hung until well in to December. I went with a similar design. This time I joined scraps of fabric (left over from the advent calendar) in to one long strip and wrapped it around, making a jazzy background. I also wrapped a little wool around for extra interest. For the flowers I used the same tried and true method seen here.


3. Felt baubles. I loved the look of these over on Bugs and Fishes and decided to make them as an additional little something for almost everyone. I added a little stuffing to make them poufy and they went down well… Although having seen them on various trees I think they’d be nicer as a set rather than one-offs. Maybe I’ll make a set for us next Christmas.


4. A knitted scarf for my dad, because he lost the one I made last year! I used the following simple basket pattern:

  1. Cast on 32 stitches
  2. K 4, P 4 to end of row. Repeat for a total of 5 rows.
  3. K 1 row
  4. P 4, K 4 to end of row. Repeat for a total of 5 rows
  5. K 1 row

This will give you a length of 2 “boxes”. I chose to do a pattern of 4 boxes in dark brown, 2 in red, 4 in light brown, 2 in red etc. And I just kept going until it was long enough to wrap around M’s neck to my satisfaction. This was one of my favourite projects. There is something so lovely about giving someone a hand-knitted scarf, it’s like giving them a hug! Dad seemed to love it too (and promised not to lose this one)


5. A little llama for a colleague from Peru. For the office Secret Santa I drew a colleague from Peru and decided to make her a little llama soft toy. I (loosely) followed the pattern available here. I used cotton fabric for the body, felt for the saddle and wool for the ear decorations. I wasn’t quite happy with the feet (it was hard to stuff them) but over all I rather liked it. Definitely going to try more soft toys this year. 


6. A quilted table runner for my granny. I actually forgot to take photos of this but it used all the same fabrics as the advent calendar. I’ll try to remember to take a photo next time I’m there. I thought giving her a quilted anything would be a bit like sending coals to Newcastle, but she was thrilled to have something I’d made – the product of all her tutoring and encouragement!

– update (Feb 2013) here’s a picture of the finished runner:

photo 4

7. Christmas bunting for the flat. When I started the advent calendar I actually though about making 2 – one for us and one as a present for someone else. So I cut out double the number of squares. I then realised that this was wholly unrealistic time-wise and was left wondering what to do with all the extra squares. Some went in to the wreath, some in to the table runner (2 and 6, above) and I decided to turn the rest in to Christmas bunting. Now, I love bunting, M does not. We compromised by me promising not to inflict year-round bunting and he conceding to seasonal bunting.


It turned out ok but I don’t love it. The square shapes I started with meant the triangles ended up very small and squat, and you can’t really see the Christmas patterns. I think I’ll have another go next year and maybe use these for giftwrapping or something.

Over all I didn’t do all the projects I wanted, but I was pretty happy with what I did. I was still finishing the baubles on the train on Christmas eve, which should have been stressful but actually just made me laugh – surrounded by felt bits and thread.

Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends.


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