New Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year!

After a fun-but-packed Christmas, it was nice to get back to our little flat and take a breath. Since the start of the year had bustled by in a flurry of family and logistics, I declared last night the proper start of our 2013. We sat down with glasses of fizz and talked resolutions, goals and dreams for the year ahead.

In addition to some serious life ones – pass driving test, get job, exercise more etc – I chose a the following creative ones:

  1. Take nicer, more careful photos of the things I make. Natural light, respectable background, preferably with a real camera.
  2. Remember to blog. 12 projects was (happily) an under-estimate for last year, so this year I’m aiming to blog a project 3 times per month. Not quite one a week, but still an increased commitment
  3. List (and hopefully sell!) some things on Etsy
  4. Face my fear of making clothes and make some simple items for myself
  5. Renovate the old sewing cabinet I’m about to inherit from M’s sister (spied on our last visit, languishing in a corner under a potplant, and cheekily asked for)
  6. Experiment with new crafts and techniques. (so far ideas include: printing (fabric and paper), candlemaking and various forms of fancy wrapping/packaging)

It may be the blue Genevan skies talking, but right now the year feels full of possibilities.

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