Beeswax candle experiment

Inspired by a tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, I ordered some beeswax yonks ago from Etsy but only just got round to experimenting with it.

Pure beeswax is supposed to burn very cleanly, smell lovely (if you like honey) and do all kinds of nice purifying things to the air. Also it’s a very pretty yellow – bonus. Essentially the process is fairly straightforward: you start by gathering your receptacles (I used old jam jars and charityshop teacups, gluegunned to their saucers). You then melt the wax, stick the wick in, pour in the rest of the wax and leave to set. 


Assorted cups & jars, waiting to be waxed(!)


Melting the beeswax

   That being said, we had a few tricky issues:

  1. The wick wiggles around. Even if you pour a bit of wax in and stick the wick down and do the cross-taping thing etc. As soon as you pour the rest of the wax in, the first bit melts and then the wick comes loose. We found that a) letting the wax cool a bit before you start and b) adding the wax in thin layers really helped with this.
  2. The wax in my bigger containers “settled” a bit as it cooled, leaving me with little pits around the wick, which looks a bit odd. I suppose it won’t really matter once they’re lit, but if I was repeating the process I would save a little wax back to top up at the end.
  3. Melted wax gets EVERYWHERE  Make sure you cover all your surfaces in newspaper or bin-bags or something. I also bought a 2chf saucepan to use for crafting purposes so as not to destroy our fancy non-stick numbers.

We also experimented with paraffin candles using the same method. Whilst not so eco-friendly, these are much cheaper, and you can be more creative with colour and scent.


The finished candles – beeswax and paraffin

I love how the little pink vanilla teacups came out 🙂 Needless to say the flat is now festooned with candles of all shapes and sizes. I plan to give some of them away as presents, just as soon as I can decide which ones to part with…

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