M’s Magic Magnetic Blind

Our kitchen has recently been re-done. Not by choice. We rent, and the landlord decided it was going to happen. 5 weeks of camping in the living room with a kitchen full of rubble. Grumble grumble. Anyhoo, it’s all done now and it’s fine, but a bit bland. Beige cabinets, magenta walls, grey floor tiles etc. So we added a window blind  (or “shade” to any American readers)…


Before (yawn)…

untitled shoot-019

After (omag amazing!!)

Choosing gorgeous wonderful fabric was easy (isn’t it always??) but I got home and realised I hadn’t exactly thought through how the mechanics were going to work. I liked the look of Roman blinds but as renters, we’re not allowed to drill holes in the walls and the flimsy, stick-on curtain rail was clearly not going to withstand any kind of tugging on strings. Hmmmm…

I chatted it over with M and we threw a few ideas around before M suggested sewing magnets into the side seams. Magnets?? I poo-poo’d the idea and moved on but couldn’t think of anything else convincing. Eventually I begrudgingly agreed to giving it a go.


Sew-in magnets – yes, they’re a thing


Folding the hem and stitching the magnets in to place

I measured the window, cut a rectangle of fabric and folded and ironed the edges. I then folded the blind up to roughly how I wanted it and put pins to mark where the magnets should go. I used special “sew-in” magnets, bought on Etsy, which come in this PVC coating that you can sew right through. I sewed them to the back of the fabric before turning the hem and sewing it down. It took some concentration to work out which way they all needed to face but I got there.

untitled shoot-022

All folded up


Close-up on the magic magnet mechanism

I put an extra bit hem at the top, so I could poke the curtain pole through, then hooked it on to the sticky hooks and stuck it to the window. I have to admit, it works irritatingly well. Needless to say, M is delighted and is looking in to patenting the idea to make his fortune.

Siobhan xx

15 thoughts on “M’s Magic Magnetic Blind

  1. Val says:

    Hi Siobhan – Great idea! I have made so many roman shades with the little rings! This idea is amazing. Question – did you sew the magnets across the fold lines? You do with the rings, so i was wondering? I am thinking anything wider than your size the folds would gape.

    • Siobhan says:

      Hi Val, thanks for stopping by! The magnets are sewn at the fold line if that makes sense. And yes you’re right about gaping. After a couple of years use, ours can look a little droopy even on this little window. I guess you could insert dowels to correct it? Or maybe even stiff fusible interfacing along the fold lines would help?

  2. Joon Cleaver says:

    At IKEA they have the same thing. However, they use long thin magnets from one end to the other. I’m looking for those magnets. If I can’t find them, I’m using your idea. Thanks doll

  3. Ladybug59 says:

    Great idea, I made a new one for my bathroom window the tradional way 2 weeks ago in a very similar fabric I got in a local fabric store in the sale

  4. Line Lauzon says:

    I love the fabric, but unfortunately, the folds are going the wrong way. It should fold downward not upward if you want it to look like a roman shade.

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