The Elisalex Dress

One of my goals for this year was to conquer my fear of making clothes and just blimmin’ well have a go. In looking for a good first project, I came across By Hand London, a new pattern label whose brilliant website is chockablock full of tips and tutorials. If you have ever wondered how to insert a side seam pocket, add a waistband or roll a hem then this is the site for you.


The BHL Gals, via By Hand London

By Hand London are currently running a sewalong on one of their patterns – The Elisalex Dress. Essentially the concept is that you buy the pattern and materials and then they take you through the process, one step at a time, so you can sew-along. To me this seemed like just the kind of hand-holding that might make the leap in to clothes-making manageable.Fabric choice was easy as I got some beautiful Echino fabric for my birthday (thanks mum!) which I’ve been dying to use. It’s a little stiffer/heavier than regular cotton so I’m hoping it will hold the pleats nicely.

Echino “Birds Bonbon” fabric – YUM!

Today I managed to trace the pattern, make what is known as a “full bust adjustment” (cheeky) to the top pieces, and cut the pieces out. I would have got further except I realized I had yet to wash my fabric and lining. As tempting as it was to ignore this step, I have promised myself to follow the BHL instructions faithfully/not to cut corners, in an attempt to avoid unnecessary hiccups.


One small step… (via Instagram)

So really I’ve only just started, but I’m feeling very brave and adventurous nonetheless. Watch this space for updates as the dress progresses.

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