The Elisalex – Progress report

As mentioned before, for my first dressmaking project I chose to join the Elisalex sewalong, designed and delivered by the lovely ladies of By Hand London. Progress has been a little slower than I hoped, what with work etc, but here are some photos of my journey so far:

untitled shoot-010 untitled shoot-017

Having traced and cut out my pattern pieces, I lay them out on the fabric, pinned them down and cut them out.

untitled shoot-012

first cuts – #whatonearthamIdoing???

untitled shoot-016

1hr later – #likeaboss

I opted for scissors (as opposed to rotary cutter) since that’s what Granny has always used. Also I felt slightly more in control (despite the terrified expression on the left).

Next was piecing the bodice parts together. The main elements were fairly straightforward, but I found the sleeves tricky. Essentially on most patterns, even where the sleeves aren’t puffy, the edge of the sleeve is a bit longer than the edge of the armhole. You get a few notches to line up and then it’s a case of “easing them in” (read – battling the fabric into conformance) as you sew. I had a couple of goes and a couple of mess-ups before consulting the internet craftiverse. There seemed to be several suggestions of sewing a running stitch along the edge and gathering the sleeve slightly before easing. I gave this a go and it worked like a charm – I can’t really explain it but somehow the gathering helped me better match the sleeve to the armhole with no puckers or anything. Hurray!

IMG_1300 IMG_1314

Still to come: making the skirt, adding the zip, turning the hem etc. Ambitiously hoping to get it all done this weekend… watch this space!

Siobhan xx

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