The Elisalex – Done!!

This weekend I could mostly be found sewing… also nipping out to buy a zip/eat gelato at our favourite neighbourhood spot… but mostly sewing, and I am pleased to announce that my Elisalex dress is DONE!!

untitled shoot-004

Ooh look what I made!!

The skirt of the Elisalex is a beautiful tulip shape, with box pleats at the front and back. These were fine to put in, although I did end up moving them when I came to join the top to the skirt. I’m not sure if I traced the pattern wrong, or if the FBA messed up where the princess lines fell, but the front pleats needed moving by about 1/2 inch.

box pleats

Inserting the box pleats – fold, iron, pin, repeat…

On Sunday the clouds lifted and the sun came out so I ran outside (with M, good man) to take a few photos. Full disclosure – the lining wasn’t fully finished. But it is forecast to rain for the next week and I really wanted some photos in the sun.

I’ve never taken any “outfit photos” before (if you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon, check out blogs like Love Maegan to see how it should be done!) and I frankly felt a bit of an awkward wombat twirling around while M snapped away. It was also freezing, so we only spent about 10mins outside. As a result the photos aren’t ideal – lots of hair-in-the-face/squinting-in-the-sun. I’m resolved to try to do better with the next project.

untitled shoot-002

untitled shoot-007untitled shoot-013

But moaning and self-critique aside: IT’S DONE AND I LOVE IT!!!!! I love the fabric, I love the chunky purple zip, I love the shape of the skirt, I love it all and I LOVE that I made it. Thank you thank you By Hand London for guiding me through my first ever dress. I’m already plotting the next one…

Siobhan xx

7 thoughts on “The Elisalex – Done!!

  1. I know you wrote this post a while ago but I just had to compliment you on making such a pretty Elizalex , it’s the first I’ve seen where I actually like the shape. Yes, I like the fabric you chose. Your photo’s aren’t as bad as you make out either, but it’s the shape of your dressed that really calls to me! I’ve seen countless versions of this dress but yours is by far the prettiest. ..

    • Siobhan says:

      Hi Polly
      What a lovely comment! Thank you 🙂 I love the shape of the skirt too (still!) I think it has a lot to do with fabric choice. Echino’s stiff cotton/linen blend works beautifully for holding those box pleats and keeping the tulip shape.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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