Victoria Blazer

This project marks a new sewing milestone for me – ladies and gents, I made a jacket!

  IMG_0003_2 IMG_0009_2 IMG_0008_2

The pattern is the Victoria Blazer from the fabulous ladies at By Hand London. I made the outer shell in a pretty grey linen/cotton blend from Ray Stitch, which I picked up last time I was in London. I had originally planned on pairing it with something pale, but with winter coming on I decided to go bold and dark. I found this gorgeous soft cotton on The Village Haberdashery. It’s called “Waterfront Park – Flight”, and is covered in flying birds, I love it!! In fact I love it so much I couldn’t bear to only have it on the inside so you’ll see it’s on the cuffs, collar and lapels as well.


The pattern came with a gorgeous little “By Hand London & Me” label that I wanted to show off, so I added a little patch pocket on the inside. It’s not really big enough to hold anything much. But then this is a cropped jacket with birds on, the practical/sensible ship sailed around the time I started cutting. And the pocket is adorbs, I think you’ll agree.

IMG_0023_2   IMG_2326

Siobhan xx

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