Polly top

Yes, this is another By Hand London pattern.


Yes, I may have a small obsession. Yes, I probably need to branch out with the next project. But in my defense the Polly top is extremely cute, very quick to make, and is available as a free downloadable pattern. That’s right – free!!


I have discovered masking tape is a pal when it comes to downloadable patterns. You can see through it, write over it and reposition it if you go wrong once or twice (ahem)

Having amassed a considerable collection of small fabric scraps and pieces in the last two years, I decided to set myself the challenge of making the Polly out of scrag ends only. I found two purples that I loved together – a houndstooth and a fun birdcage pattern. However it became quickly apparent that neither was big enough to do both the front and back bodice, so I added a brown stripe.



Even then I ended up cutting and stitching a few bits of the houndstooth together, but you can’t tell… at least I don’t think you can.


The finished item

The neckline and armholes are finished with bias binding. This was a tweesy bit fiddly and my topstitching is far from perfect, but I love the finish, especially where it contrasts at the back.



Sadly summer is fading fast and I’m not sure how many vest days we’ve got left.  As such I would highly recommend abandoning whatever you’re doing right now and knocking one of these up asap. It’s a perfect beginner pattern and did I mention that it’s freeeee??

IMG_2390 IMG_2395_2

Siobhan xx

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