Made by Marjorie 1 – Winter work

As I mentioned back in January, one of my ideas for the blog is to share more of the incredible wardrobe my Granny has created for my over the years. The first in my Made by Marjorie series, here’s some winter workwear:

1. Green Liberty print shirt. I only have a few proper, collared shirts. I love women who look all crisp and tailored in a shirt but sadly that just isn’t me. However I do love a shirt layered under a dress (as shown here) or wooly jumper. Dress is from the Next Christmas sale.

photo 2

2. Teal wool wrap dress. Granny made all her own clothes from an early age and as such has an incredible collection of 40s/50s-silhouette pieces, which she hands down every now and again if it’s something she hasn’t worn in a while. This is one of those – I know, lucky or what??


3. Peagreen dress – tweed and cotton. One of  a number of “work outfits” Granny made me after I left university in 2007. I spotted this same-colour-different-texture look, flicking through magazines and loved it. It has a matching jacket, which is perfect for days I need to be formal, but I normally just layer it with a chunky cardigan.


4. Purple dress – velvet and tweed. Same idea (and indeed same vintage) as the peagreen number above, this is a cosy comfy dress perfect for winter days.


SO there we go, a first attempt. It was quite hard remembering to take these before I rushed out each morning… I’ll try and get some more exciting backgrounds for the next installment!

Siobhan xx

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