Glasto Girl Scout

This weekend I was lucky enough to be at Glastonbury and it was brilliant.


As ever, the ginormous site was a buzzing wonderland of art and performance with music of every flavour. I was particularly aware this year of how many fantastic female musicians there were, rocking their stuff, which was awesome.

stvincent     gabriela

haim     dolly

Wonderwomen- St Vincent, (Rodrigo &) Gabriela, Haim, Dolly Parton (photos – BBC)

The incredible thought, effort and creativity that goes in to transforming every inch of the farm is breathtaking. It is this beautiful, magical land that appears once a year for no time at all and then disappears, leaving just the happy memories behind.





Now, dressing for a music festival in the UK is tricky stuff, due to the highly unpredictable weather. It can be baking hot, freezing cold, soaking wet, and is usually a mixture of all three. Festivals also bring out the sartorially creative/crazy spark in everyone. Fancy dress, customised clothing, ballgowns, bikinis, it’s all there and I love it.

This year I decided to sew up a new t-shirt to add to my festival wardrobe. I used a cheery rose-print cotton from my stash and the Scout Tee pattern from Grainline studios. It’s a simple pattern – front, back, 2 sleeves and a neck binding – but I took my time to make it as perfect as possible. I finished all the seams with French seams (yup even the sleeves, see this awesome tutorial) so the inside is as pretty as the outside. I also adjusted the hem slightly to exaggerate the high-low effect (just by eyeballing/pinning it when it was on).



Sadly I only managed to get a couple of selfies of my Scout in action:


So once I got back I took a couple more of the same outfit (well-washed and without wellies) on our tiny balcony:


Am I happy with it? Yes… ish. The shoulders need raising about 1-2cm, but this comes as no surprise really as it’s an adjustment my Granny has been doing on me for years, I should have factored it in.

I have a bigger issue however, which is the baggy factor, and that’s not just about this particular tee. Slouchy, breezy, easy-fitting – call it what you will, there’s a lot of it around, both on the highstreet and in sewingpatternland. I’m trying hard to be open-minded and embrace these less fitted styles but I’m yet to be won over. There’s no denying the comfy factor, but my issue is this: whilst on my athletic-figured sewist sisters a Scout-type make looks effortlessly stylish, the perfect day-to-night staple, on me I feel it hangs in a slightly unflattering tent-like manner and adds volume where it’s not wanted. Does anyone else feel that way? Or do I just need to get used to how these shapes look on my, er, shape?

IMG_4333     IMG_4335It did occur to me (after considerable time spent stalking other Scouts on other blogs) that perhaps the solution is to pair this type of baggy tophalf with a less-baggy bottom – skinny jeans or the like. But then I’ve never been thoroughly sold on those either. Hrmph. Perhaps comfy-fit and I just need some apart time. For my next make I’ll pick something with princess seams/multiple darts, so we can each have a think about our future together.

A last word on Glastonbury (to end on a cheerful note) – I spent a very happy rainy morning learning how to needlefelt in the craft field and this is what I made:


I’m not entirely sure what it is. It was supposed to be a brooch but is far too big so I might just find a frame for it and stick it on the wall.

Siobhan xx

3 thoughts on “Glasto Girl Scout

  1. nishi says:

    I love Glastonbury too! I was there last year & so envious of you lucky people there this year! You sound like you had a wonderful time & your Scout t-shirt looks perfect for the sunny, flowery atmosphere! I have the same worries as you do with loose comfy tops & I tend to wear them tucked in to high waisted skirts, other the top of cinched dresses (and cropped) or with a small tie-belt to give my waist some definition. As far as skinny jeans go, I felt exactly the same way too, but I made a pair of jeans (the Named pattern one) & haven’t taken them off since! The Belcarra blouse (Sewaholic’s new pattern) has a little more shape to it than the Scout too, if that helps? Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think your top looks great!

    • Siobhan says:

      Hi Nishi 🙂 Thanks for all the great tips! You’re right, it does look completely different tucked in and I will definitely give the Belcarra a try for a slightly more fitted option. I popped over to your blog and your Named jeans look amazing! So maybe they need to go on my (ever growing) to-sew list too! 🙂

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