Meet Betsy – my beautiful Singer

Last weekend I popped back to London for a family birthday and a catch up with friends, while M stayed in Geneva to do work stuff. Much to my surprise and delight, when I got home on Sunday, a very lovely lady was waiting for me. Ladies and gents, I give you Betsy!!


Isn’t she gorgeous?? M got her for a veritable steal at the Plainpalais fleamarket. I’ve seen Singers there before but never in this good condition. Ready for a shedload more photos? Of course you are.

For starters, Betsy lives in this lovely wooden case, with the Singer emblem on the outside. The case opens with a little key on the left hand side.


This is her serial number:


According to this website, that indicates that she is a 128K model and that she’s one of 35,000 made between July-December 1916, in Clydebank, Scotland. 35,000 seems like a heck of a lot non? There are clearly a lot more of these around than I had realised, but no matter, I love her just the same 🙂

Her decorations (or “decals” in the vintage Singer enthusiast blogoshpere) are really pretty, a bit smaller and less flower-y than some I’ve seen. According to this website, I think the pattern is known as “Rococo”.


She’s also got really pretty metalwork on the end:


Up top she’s got the Singer brand, which is consistent with photos I’ve found of other machines her age. But it also says “fabrication anglaise”, so I guess that although she was made in the UK, she was part of a batch destined for sale in France. If anyone knows any more about this please leave comments below, I’d be fascinated to hear from you!


She’s a hefty old girl (sorry Bets) and is mounted on this supersturdy wooden base, but can be hinged up to inspect her undercarriage. At one end of the base is this little storage space for needles and whatnot.


There was one little packet of needles in there when we got her and just look at the packaging!! Melt.


It’s not immediately clear to me how she threads up, but I found a copy of the original manual here (interweb you are so beautiful sometimes), so I’m looking forward to testing her out. Tune in next time to see how we get on!

Siobhan xx

2 thoughts on “Meet Betsy – my beautiful Singer

  1. Elita @ Busy Needle Quilting says:

    Oh she’s perfectly lovely! I also live in Geneva & have seen nice machines at Plainpalais but nothing so beautiful as that. Well done M!

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