Small-but-Mighty Kigali Haberdashery

I was in Town last weekend and snapped some photos of this tiny haberdasher’s. From the street it’s a just a little doorway, with a few trims and supplies bursting out around the frame.

You have to wiggle inside, being careful not to elbow over stacks of stock (or other customers). It’s a long, thin cupboard of a place, but well worth the effort. Every usable space is crammed with supplies.

If you’re Kigali-based and needing thread, zips (regular or invisible), buttons, binding, trims, ribbons etc. This is the place!

You can find the haberdasher’s at number 42 KN 2 St. The same street as the fabric stalls.

Siobhan xx

3 thoughts on “Small-but-Mighty Kigali Haberdashery

  1. This shop is so cute and reminds me of the little stall inside the market at Goldhawk Road where everything is so crammed in! Only your guy seems to have a better selection.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  2. Mia says:

    Do you k ow if this place (Or anywhere in kigali) sells pressure sensitive styrene (the stuff you stick on fabric to make it stuff for lampshades)? Thanks!

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