Waxprint Washi Dress

I’m not going to preface all my makes this year with “wax print” I promise, but the alliteration was just too much to ignore. Before we start, I’ve put a few more (better) photos of the Kigali fabric stalls on my shopping post, because I was back there again last weekend, this time for an exciting long-distance team project on The Monthly Stitch (expect more on that in August).


For my second make with my new wax print stash, I went with a pattern I bought a while back but had yet to make up – the Washi Dress by Made by Rae. It has this unusual cutout neckline, and ruching at the back to give a flattering fit, without buttons or zips (WIN).

Construction was fairly straightforward. I made a muslin and decided to add an FBA to give the ladies more room. I came a cropper however when I got to the ruching part and realised I didn’t have any elastic thread. I was so sure I had some, but clearly I either never did or just didn’t pack it or whatever. Either way, a crucial element was missing and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find something so niche in Kigali. BOO.

In the end I decided to improvise by zigzagging strips of thin elastic instead. I would say this worked pretty well. The busy print disguises the zigzag stitching and the overall gathered effect is pretty similar. However, the gathers are considerably more firm than I think they would be with elastic thread, leading to a little, erm, squishing in the front.

Apart from that though, I’m happy with this dress. I like how the the silhouette is accentuated by the stiffness of the cotton. Love those StarTrek-esque cap sleeves in particular.

I definitely want to try this pattern again, with the elastic thread next time (ordered for delivery via my next guests). I also downloaded the expansion pack. I think the sleeved version would look lovely in something soft and billowy. Ah sew-scheming, my favourite pastime…

Siobhan xx

10 thoughts on “Waxprint Washi Dress

  1. Your your dress looks lovely and easy to wear in hot weather. Seeing that top post I am really curious to see what will show up in my mailbox.

  2. Hello 🙂 I found your blog from some of your great monthly stitch posts – I’m loving the wax prints – I really love them but I’ve never been able to find any in Scotland. Your dress looks awesome too the neckline is so unusual 🙂

    • Siobhan says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I love the neckline cutout too! You might try Ebay or Etsy for waxprint retailers in the UK… I used to love African Queen (http://www.africanqueenfabrics.com) in Brixton and I remember them saying they did a postal service but I’m not quite sure from the website how it works. I guess you might need to contact them direct for a catalogue or something 🙂

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