Survey: Sewing and Consumerism

Morning readers!

I was recently invited to complete a survey on sewing habits and consumerism and I wanted to encourage you to do the same.

The research is being conducted at the University of Cambridge and is looking at ‘Sewing and Behaviour Change’ in relation to more sustainable approaches to clothing.

There is a whole tangle of issues around the clothing industry, from the wages and labour conditions of the people who make clothes, to what happens to clothing once we decide we don’t want it any more etc. Many of us are concerned by these issues, but it’s not always clear what the answers are. Research like this can hopefully help all of us (the clothes wearing/ buying/ making/ disposing masses) move forward and come up with sustainable solutions.

It’s a super-quick survey (10mins max I promise) and totally anonymous via the power of surveymonkey. It’s open to everyone (sewists and non-sewists) and at the end you have the option of entering a prize draw for the chance to win £50.

Spread the word!

Siobhan xx

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