Teacosy: Adventures in freemotion stitching


Before Christmas I blogged about using free motion stitching for the first time – to quilt random curly swirls on to our Advent Calendar. In researching how-to’s for that project, I came across people using free motion in all sorts of ways – to write, to draw, to colour-in. It has this messy, sketchy quality that I love. Continue reading

7. Leafy curtain Ikeahack

This one starts with a bit of a disaster!

I wanted green curtains, to tie in with a few other bits in the living room, and I had a vague idea about doing a pattern on top with bits of fabric I’d collected. The first step in this plan was to die our scraggy old cream curtains green.¬†However it turns out that Switzerland only does one brand of dye… and they only do one shade of green… and that shade, far from being a luscious leafy colour, came out a yucky pastel mint colour. SO it was back to the drawing board.

Fastforward a week or two and we were wandering around Ikea looking at things for our ‘garden’ (world’s tiniest concrete balcony) and I saw some rather nice bird&leaf pattern curtains. The only issue was the colour, or lack there of…


So I decided to jazz them up by adjusting my original plan.

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