10. Daybag for Yvette

I was introduced to Brixton Market the weekend before I left the UK by friend and photographer Katherine Leedale. It is just JAMMED FULL of amazing shops, cafes & delis – a real mixture of old-school market stalls and chic new boutiques. There is colour and detail and creativity everywhere you look. I love it. 

9. Shopping bag for Bernadette

July! Where did you go eh? Well, in fairness, July has been pretty good to us here in Geneva. Lots of nice weather (sorry Britain), and lake-based activities – swimming in, picnicking by, lounging around etc etc. Since everything is lovely and new, I thought I’d start sharing a non-challenge related photo or two, too. Like this – the lake

Or this – our ridiculously quaint, stereotype-fulfilling Sunday market breadstall – YUM
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1. Makeup Bag/ Clutch for Sarah

Today is my lovely friend Sarah’s birthday.

I have always thought that birthdays so close to Christmas are deeply unfair. Mine is in early Feb and even this seems too close. People are penniless and partied-out from Christmas; the weather is terrible etc etc. My brother is an August baby and I was always deeply jealous of his sunny park-based parties.

HOWEVER , this year Sarah’s early birthday means she has the honour of being my first project recipient – a snazzy little leatherette makeup/clutch bag.

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