2. Butterfly dress for Evelyn

So, time has flown and it’s February already! Having been quietly confident on 8th January that I would be turning out 3-4 projects per month, here we are and I’ve only just finished the second… But never mind, I am still squarely within resolution and hopefully I’ll speed up!

Project number 2 is a dress for Evelyn, the daughter of a very dear schoolfriend. Evelyn is the happy niece of several real aunts. However this has not prevented those close to her mum from self-nominating as honorary aunts. I am one such pretender. In my defence if you saw those cheeks, and that smile – you’d be an instant aunty too. It was Evelyn who inspired the apron project I mentioned in my first post – the image of a mum/daughter set was too much to resist – and when I saw this fabric on Leicester market, I knew her birthday present had to be a summery dress.

(yes yes I know it’s winter… but look at the butterflies!!)

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