Christmas Crafts 2012

I don’t know about you, but for me the run up to Christmas was HECTIC. Work was busy, everyone got ill (including me) and suddenly there was one weekend left before the big day and still lots of presents to buy/make. I have promised M that for his sanity and mine, I will start earlier with Christmas preparations 2013.

Despite the madness however we still found time to decorate the flat, make Christmas biscuits, enjoy the snow and play plenty of Christmas music.

IMG_0737 IMG_0696

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14. Advent Calendar

I just finished this project and I am SO excited about it… not least because it’s now all stuffed full of treats… But before I get to the main event, here is a little scene-setting…

Autumn is on its last legs and winter is pretty much here. The weather forecast is predicting snow for this weekend down in the valleys, whilst the mountains have been white for weeks. The days are short but the evening sunsets look like this, making it hard to complain:

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The Challenge – 12 projects for 2012

The truth is I have never been a very dedicated crafter.

I tend to start things that are far too complicated, get frustrated and give up – either hiding them in the bottom of my wardrobe to be quietly disposed of later or handing them over to my incredibly gifted grandmother to salvage/finish.

However I can say honestly, hand on heart, that I had a thoroughly crafty Christmas 2011. Several threads came together: Firstly 2011 was the year I became entirely and hopelessly addicted to beautiful blogs such as, and, where superwomen turn out immaculately-photographed, beautifully-executed projects with frightening regularity. Secondly, I found myself at the start of November in a state of borderline financial crisis (I am attempting to pursue an impossible career dream – a long story for a later post) with a daunting number of loved ones who would be justly anticipating gifts for Christmas (not to mention a couple of birthdays).

So I raided my granny’s fabric scrap bags, flicked back to my favourite inspiration blog posts from 2011, cranked up the sewing machine and began to cut, sew, stick, craft and wrap. In total I made:

1 x quilted ipad cover
1 x decorated laptop backpack
2 x mason jar pin cushions
8 x 1950’s hostess aprons (including a matching mum/toddler
daughter set!)
10 x pairs of earrings, on printed presentation cards
20 x hand-stitched + printed Christmas cards

(There were also some boxes of handmade truffles and bags of cookies for the boys!!)

There were a few late nights, and more than a few wonky seams here and there that had to be unpicked. But they got done, everyone loved their gifts and it felt brilliant to have made so many things with my very own hands.

So my resolution/challenge for 2012 is this: just.keep.sewing. 12 months, with at least 1 manageable project per month. Let’s see how we go…