Tufted headboard

February 2014 was the month M and I got married. As you might imagine, it was jam packed full of crafty projects and I’ll do a little roundup as soon as we get the photos.


Blurry sneakypeek

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, most other projects got put on the back-burner. This included addressing the storage crisis in our little flat. But the day we got back from London, we got on it. Project storage quickly became project bedroom makeover, including painting the walls and ceiling and assembling the grand daddy of all wardrobe kits.

We also ended up building a new bed frame, pretty much from scratch, with actual wood bits bought at a DIY store. Our inherited bed has always been super comfy (and came free) so we didn’t want to get rid of it. But it had a bulky/ugly cushioned outer I had always hated. So, as we stood there with an empty room and tools in hand, we decided to somewhat impulsively saw the casing off…


Ahh be gone, horrid 80s cushioning stuff!!

…and see what we could do with the metal skeleton underneath.


Right, so, wood then?

We ended up staying super simple and just screwing 4 pieces of wood on to the sides of the frame. We loved oak (of course) but it was way to pricey, especially for our first foray into woodwork. So we went with good old pine, telling ourselves we could stain it to look less pine-y.


Swedish sauna orange anyone?

One lessons we learned on #projectbedroom was to buy paint sample tins. We were going for dove grey on the walls, and it looked that way on paper, heck it even looked that way int he tin. But on the walls it somehow has more than a hint of lavender, especially in the evening with the ceiling lamp on. Meh, we can live with it, but it wasn’t really what we were aiming at. Same goes for wood stain. Even the least orange of the options available looked extremely orange when we painted on, which may have led to footstomping in some quarters and cries of “but I didn’t want it to look like an 80s Swiss chaleeeeeeeeeet” (ahem). Fortunately we had a tin of Ikea black wood stain on hand from another project, and with a coat of this on top it turned a MUCH nicer dark brown colour.

Having overcome dramas and tantrums aside. We then turned attention to building a headboard, which is actually surprisingly easy. You get some wood cut to size, screw it together into a frame, nail pegboard to the front, glue on a layer of foam, then stretch and staple batting on top and repeat with the top fabric – done.

            IMG_3303             IMG_3314

As a finishing touch, we decided to add tufting. For those not familiar, this is that effect you get with buttons laid out in a diamond-y pattern, squishing the foam in at regular intervals. I started by covering buttons in a contrast fabric of brown tweed. Internet research suggested we should use waxed thread for strength, however this was not readily available (i.e. was not in the one decent fabric store in a 50mile radius) so we used embroidery thread, doubled up. Then it was a case of poking the needle through a hole in the pegboard, through all the layers, threading it through the button and poking it back.

IMG_3308 IMG_3315


I only had one needle in my collection that was both long enough for the layers and thin enough for the buttons and we broke this on button five (of 18), putting the project on hold for a few days. But eventually it was done, and the bed now looks like this!

photo 5

Hurray! – Please excuse the mess/terrible photo, it was pretty late by this point!!

Siobhan xx