8. Cushions

When choosing things for the new apartment in Geneva, top of my list was a comfy sofabed. Moving away from friends and family is sad and scary, even when the tradeoff is a fab job and living with wonderman. As such, having a place to host was hugely important and we managed to find a lovely, comfy, just-squeezes-in L shaped sofabed, which has had glowing reviews from the friends and family who have slept on it.
All of which is the lead-in to admit it has sat there, sad and forlorn and cushion-less for far too long, and this weekend I decided enough was enough. The first cushion project was something I’d had in mind for a while – the recycling of an old woollen skirt. Bought on a whim and never really fitting properly, it was far too beautiful to throw away. Lovely thick cream wool with a pretty patterned lining.