Neon Pocket Zinnia

We just got back from Japan – an incredible, wonderful, beautiful place with stunning food, lovely people and AMAZING fabric. Tokyo even has a fabric town people – heaven!!


I had a whole plethora of “travel clothes” projects I wanted to whip up before our trip, but only managed to execute the one. I am pretty delighted with it though. The pattern is the Zinnia skirt by Colette Patterns. I was inspired to have a go by The Stitchery, a Glasgow sewing space & blog. Their Zinnia sewalong is by far the most in-depth I’ve seen and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to have a first go at garment sewing. The team really use the pattern as a launching point for teaching you lots about about fabrics, stitch types and all kinds of other useful things.


I used two fabrics I got for Christmas 2013 (thanks mum!) – a dark teal floral print and a bright almost-neon yellow, with gold detail. Both from wonderful Ray-Stitch.

helena sea blue         kaufman13265-50

Not the most obvious pairing perhaps, but if you look carefully the floral does have hints of bright yellow and, well, I love it. I made the patch pockets in the yellow, and covered my buttons to match. I even did the topstitching in a matching neon yellow thread. It’s one of those tiny details probably no-one will notice, but it makes me happy.


This skirt got a LOT of wear in Japan. It packs down to nothing, the gathers mean it hides creases pretty well, it’s light and airy, it’s a nice length that feels appropriate for temple-hopping and lends itself to eating on the floor. And the pockets are a perfect size for phone/small purse/snack. All in all it is a great travel skirt and I can definitely see myself making multiple versions.

   IMG_3777   IMG_3094   IMG_3072


One of my Japan highlights was wearing this skirt (whilst fabric shopping) and having an older Japanese lady complement me on it. Without a word of English (and without me speaking a word of Japanese) she said/mimed “ooh did you make that? It’s lovely. I like the coordinating buttons and pockets very much”. I nodded enthusiastically, beamed a “thankyou” and skipped off down the street.

Siobhan xxx