Christmas Crafts 2012

I don’t know about you, but for me the run up to Christmas was HECTIC. Work was busy, everyone got ill (including me) and suddenly there was one weekend left before the big day and still lots of presents to buy/make. I have promised M that for his sanity and mine, I will start earlier with Christmas preparations 2013.

Despite the madness however we still found time to decorate the flat, make Christmas biscuits, enjoy the snow and play plenty of Christmas music.

IMG_0737 IMG_0696

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11. Autumn Wreath

One thing I really love about Switzerland is that they embrace the seasons, in a way that we don’t in the UK. From the start of September you start to see pumpkins in the supermarket and then BLAM before you know it there are autumn wreaths and seasonal gourds everywhere you look. This year I decided to get on board.
My first step was to make a seasonal wreath for our flat door. We live in the cheap(er) part of town. I like it because (in my opinion) it’s where all the decent bars and restaurants are. The payoff is that our entrance often smells like wee and sometimes homeless people sleep in the cellar… but only in winter, and it gets REALLY COLD here… Anyway, the point is it’s a bit incongruous in our block to spruce up your door, but I sallied forth regardless.
A quick perusal of the internet taught me that the Americans are also ALL OVER this seasonal decoration thing, and there are so many wreaths out there. Here are just a few: